The Site History

It began sometime soon after Hitler invaded Poland......

Polebrook Airfield is a site rooted within human influence. Since its conversion from pure arable land in late 1940 - early 1941 by the RAF and subsequently developed by the USAAF in 1943; it has been a landscape of concrete and conflict. One of numerous similar sites in the area but made famous by the presence of Clark Gable shooting a recruitment video during the war. It has been generally regarded as a successful example of an American airbase supporting the Allies. The majority of buildings and structures were demolished for hardcore in the late 1960s, the only items left standing are the bunkers (Stanton shelters) and other steel reinforced buildings (considered too much effort to salvage).

There is a lot of research and data regarding the Airfield’s history – a good source without delving too deep can be found here: Trail 19 – Northamptonshire (American Ghosts Part II) | Aviation Trails (

There is a rather grainy but very evocative film showing much of Polebrook Airfield during the war here: RAF Polebrook (AAF-110) - 351st Bomb Group - YouTube

The film Combat America shot with Clark Gable while he was stationed at Polebrook: Combat America - YouTube

Historic England’s listing of Ashton Wold: ASHTON WOLD, Ashton - 1001715 | Historic England