We are very proud of the levels of biodiversity and quantity of different habitats that have developed on the nature reserve – one of our key aims is to preserve and develop these.

The nature reserve has come about through ambitions of the original owner and naturalist Miriam Lane (Nee) Rothschild. Post WW2 she had the idea to leave the 90 acres alone to let it recolonise from the adjacent SSSI woodland (it was also uneconomical to try to return it to arable due to the concrete and leftover buildings). Besides a failed planting scheme in the 1970s, it has otherwise been left alone to do its thing – one of the original rewilding schemes!

As part of your booking, you have full access to roam and explore the private nature reserve, although please respect the privacy of my parents at Polebrook Lodge. The nature reserve is situated on both sides of the main entrance drive – roughly 45 acres on each side.